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EstiMate helps you with accurately estimating software development effort by using anonymous crowdsourced data. Impress your customers with accurate effort estimates!

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Why Use EstiMate

Software development effort estimation probably is one of the more difficult tasks in software development. Even the most experienced engineers' estimates are off, too every now and then. Being a somewhat disliked task far too often effort estimation is neglected or done in a rather haphazard way.

EstiMate introduces a measurable, reliable, reproducible method for effort estimation that's based on actual data from both your previous projects and crowdsourced project data.

EstiMate allows you to measure your effort estimates more accurately. It provides you with a reproducible way of estimating a software project's effort. No more guesstimating.


Impress your customers with consistent, reproducible estimates.


No more guesswork. Base your estimates on solid data.

Historical data

Put your previous project estimates to good use by drawing upon historical data for your next estimates.

Wisdom of the crowds

See what others estimated for similar projects and learn from their experience.


Project Outline

EstiMate allows you to enter key information about your software project requirements:

  • number of use cases and their complexity
  • complexity of your data model
  • specific features such as authentication, a sign-up workflow or multitenancy
  • quality requirements
  • a textual description of the project and its requirements
EstiMate will use this information alongside with your time estimate to analyze your project and compare it with previous projects and crowdsourced data.

Evaluate your original estimate

When your project is done EstiMate asks you about how far your initial estimate was off. This information allows EstiMate to make predictions about the accuracy of future estimates. For these predictions EstiMate takes into account both your own historical data and other users' anonymized historical data.

Get estimate recommendations

When going about a new project EstiMate will give you recommendations based on data from both your previous projects and anonymized, crowdsourced data.

Frequently Asked Questions

EstiMate takes into account both your own historical project data and data generated by other users to calculate a similarity score between projects. This allows EstiMate to give you recommendations based on previous estimates for similar projects.
No, your personal project data is only visible to you. EstiMate only use your project's features and attributes for calculating a similarity score. No data except this score is shared with others.

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